Can you make money as a casino agent? What is it?
casino agent,casino,agent

Everyone has a negative impression that online casinos usually lose money, right! But today I am not going to tell you how to live without losing money or to increase your winning rate, but to tell you how to make money with online casinos! It’s not asking you to come to the online casino, but you become an agent and let others come to the online casino to play! In this way, you can make money. It sounds very simple, right? Next, let me tell you how to become an agent? If you want to make money by acting as an agent!

casino agent,casino,agent

Can I make money in the entertainment city?

Of course, not every casino platform is a fraudulent group. In the online casino, there are indeed many platforms with good reputation and stable system. Therefore, when players really want to get in touch with online casino platforms, it is best to use more online resources to read player reviews. , platform word of mouth, whether there is no gold withdrawal record and other information, small agents with unknown origins, and those with rough official website design should not play!

The most direct way is to choose a trusted time-honored brand such as the general agent recommended by our casino. After all, negative news spreads thousands of miles, and it is not difficult to find fraud records. You can choose the casino that suits you to play.

How do bookmakers and general agents share profits? How to be the group leader (banker)?

As far as we take the online casino as an example, the banker is the head office (system provider), and the general agent is like a franchise store. In terms of benefits, we can subdivide baccarat, lottery, lottery, slot machines, and board games on the entertainment city platform. There are different percentages. The dealerโ€™s rake is 6-10% on average, and the slot machineโ€™s rake can be as high as 10%. The reason is that there are few competing brands and the probability of slot games is not fixed like lucky lottery. There is a 50% profit probability, so the commission percentage provided by the system provider is relatively hard.

For example, assuming the general agent’s slot machine game has a profit of 1 million, it is necessary to hand over 100,000 to the head office. Of course, the actual profit will still be slightly different due to the conditions of each system.

Are agents so profitable?

At this time, do you think that such a general agent is too profitable, and the 900,000 earned needs to deduct personnel costs, office rent, accounts, bad debt expenses and many other miscellaneous expenses. The cost of many unimaginable risk costs is very scary! And in case the player wins money, they have to pay out as soon as possible to maintain the reputation of the casino, so it seems that it is not as good as imagined?

As for how to be the leader of the group, although the advantage of running an online casino is that there is no pressure to stock up, and it seems that there is no need for excessive costs, but the winnings and losses between gamblers and players, and various expenses are actually quite a lot, so generally there is no team For operation, I would suggest that you can start slowly as an agent of the entertainment city, and after accumulating experience, contacts, and wealth, you can slowly expand your territory.

When the group head profit? Earn money from water?

Taking gaming as an example, whether it is the cash version or the credit version, you should have heard gamblers mention “killing pigs”. In addition to accounting for wins and losses, there is also a commission for the ball version of the water money, which can be subdivided into slot machines, baccarat, lottery, 539 water money, etc. Letโ€™s take a look at the water money rake of the online casino international handicap .

Bet and get paid?

As long as the player bets, the banker can get water money from it. The water money for lottery basically falls at 12 to 13%, and the international handicap only draws 1.5 to 3% of the money for gambling in order to maintain competitiveness. From this point of view, in the long run Players who bet on Lucky Lottery can be regarded as those who love to give back to charity.

After reading the above cash version rake, are you surprised that the dealer is not as profitable as imagined? In fact, the profit is accumulating more, because the average player will not only play one game or one game, and only a large number of players can accumulate a certain amount of profit.

What does the casino earn?

The online casino work is simply divided into four parts: risk control, withdrawal customer service, marketing and promotion, and part-time casino agency.

  • Risk control: such as lottery or any game arbitrage checks
  • Customer service: game reward points, payment for members, account confirmation, basic QA reply
  • Marketing: Unfamiliar developers recruit people or are good at online marketing business models to guide players to join the platform
  • Agent: I am interested in gaming, make good use of my network to recruit friends, and introduce the platform to easily recruit offline members

If you are interested in a gaming company, you may wish to think about which position is more suitable for you!

casino agent,casino,agent

How to be a casino agent?

Basically, it can be divided into the registration of the casino or the promotion of the casino after recharging the casino. The entry threshold is low and there is no need to worry too much.

How do agents make money?

Being a banker accountant โ†’ the agent can have a 0-70% win-loss ratio of its members (and the company as a banker). The disadvantage is that when the customer makes a large amount of profit, not only will there be no profit for the month, but the money will also need to be handed over to the head office. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare enough funds to win or lose with gamblers.

Example: If you account for 60% of the account, the offline member loses 100,000 at the checkout that month, and the agent can get 60,000. On the contrary, if your member wins 100,000, the agent needs to hand over 60,000 to the head office.

In addition to providing different types of games to satisfy different players, the entertainment city makes money by creating different promotional activities for each game to have fun with players. Different activity rewards such as music, sports, slot machines, etc.

How to do? do what

We have been constantly modifying and improving to make our casino money-making activities more perfect. From the “fixed monthly bonus event, time-limited recharge” are all to allow casino players to get more discounts and find their own game methods .

Betting amount rake โ†’ direct feedback based on the player’s effective betting amount in the current month. It has nothing to do with winning or losing. As long as the player plays, it will continue to give back. It is the least risky way for agents. The disadvantage is that there is a space profit problem in this part , For example, the odds of the credit ball version are 0.95, so there is room for it, so at present, this method will be more popular in the credit version than the cash version.

Mode of operation

Invite friends, community management or various billboard advertisements, YouTube channel management, Google ads, Facebook, Instagram.

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